Tuesday, 27th June 2017
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About the School

About the School

St Joseph's In The Park is a single form, Co-educational, Independent Preparatory School in Hertfordshire for girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 11.  It is set within Hertingfordbury Park on the outskirts of Hertford.  A description of the Park and the location of the original 17th Century House from 1773 gives an impression of the location that still holds true today:

"The situation of the Park House is on a gentle rise.  The whole ground is of an easy form enriched with plantations and beautified by the flowing Lea and Mimram rivers which partly bound this estate.  The prospects are particularly pleasing and the town of Hertford, softened by its distance, is a fine enrichment"

It is true today that, despite the changes at Hertingfordbury Park over the intervening centuries, our children can still enjoy the secluded, woodland environment provided by the plantations that were established more than 200 years ago.

As an educational establishment, St Joseph’s In The Park began life as St Joseph's Catholic High School in St John's Street Hertford and until 1983 the school was run by the Sisters of Mercy order of Nuns.  It moved to its present location in 1957 and eventually became known as St Joseph's In The Park to avoid confusion with the Catholic primary school in Hertford, also St Joseph's. By the mid-1990s the school ceased to be exclusively Catholic and became a non-denominational school with a Christian ethos.  In 2006 the school became a charity, overseen by a board of trustees. 

There are 3 elements that create the ethos of St Joseph's In The Park, for which the school is widely known:

Tradition in manners, behaviour and presentation.
Family values in understanding the emotional and learning needs of each child and its family.
Contemporary thinking in education to build on past success and look to latest developments.

We have always maintained that, no matter how good our promotional material, the best way to get to know us is to pay us a visit.  Walk through the school, meet the children, talk to the staff and feel for yourself what makes St Joseph's In The Park so unique.

What Our Parents Say

From the day we toured the school, we knew that this was the place for our children. We are delighted that our boys are thriving at St Joseph's In The Park. The skills and experience of the teachers ensure that they are receiving an excellent education that instills confidence and brings out their specific strengths and talents. This is enhanced by the wide range of extra activities on offer for the children to learn and to enjoy. There is a strong sense of community that provides a nurturing, caring environment for our family.

The Quinton Family