Tuesday, 27th June 2017
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About the School


If you would like a hard copy of any of the following policies, please either ask at Reception or contact the school via this link


Please click on the icon to download
Admissions Policy  pdfAdmissions Policy
Code of Conduct Policy pdfCode of Conduct Policy
Curriculum Policy pdfCurriculum Policy
Health & Safety pdfHealth and Safety Policy
Complaints Procedure pdfComplaints Procedure Policy
Data Protection Policy pdfData Protection Policy
Inclusion Policy pdfInclusion Policy
Equal Opportunity pdfEqual Opportunities Policy
First Aid Policy pdfFirst Aid Policy
Risk Assessment Policy  pdfRisk Assessment Policy
Supervision of Pupils pdfSupervision of Pupils Policy
Recruitment, selection and disclosure    pdfRecruitment Selection and Disclosure Policy
Able, More Able and Talented pdfAble, More Able and Talented Policy
Anti-Bullying pdfAnti-bullying Policy
Behaviour Management pdfBehaviour Management Policy
Special Educational Needs pdfSEN Policy
Safeguarding Policy pdfSafeguarding Policy