Tuesday, 27th June 2017
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The children usually join the school during the term in which they turn three.

In the Kindergarten (three year olds) we ask that children attend for a minimum of five sessions which can be five mornings or two and a half days.

The Nursery children (rising four year olds) attend for a minimum of seven sessions.  However, in each class up to ten sessions (five full days) are made available to you if you require more than the minimum.  You are invited to increase sessions every half term and by the end of the Kindergarten most children attend full time, or very nearly full time, in preparation for moving up to Reception Class.  Lunch is included every day.

Infants and Juniors

Once the children have reached the age where they can join the Infants we ask that they come in for two trial days where we can assess them and ensure that there are no overriding issues. We are not selective and accept children of all abilities but we insist that the children are well behaved. We ask that you bring your child's last two reports on the trial days. In the Juniors the children are also required to undertake some academic testing so that we can be sure that we can cater for their learning needs.